Catalog From Auction Of Princess Diana’s Dresses To Sell For Over $6K

The catalogue from an auction of Princess Diana's dresses. EWBANK'S AUCTIONS VIA SWNS.
The catalogue from an auction of Princess Diana's dresses. EWBANK'S AUCTIONS VIA SWNS.

By Izzy Hawksworth

A catalog from an auction of Princess Diana’s dresses that was held just two months before her death is expected to sell for up to $6,000.


Diana, the Princess of Wales, belonged to the royal family of Britain. Her sons, Prince William and Harry, were born to her as the first wife of Charles III, the Prince of Wales. She became a global figure thanks to her advocacy and glitz, which also brought her enduring fame.


The limited edition book is from the ‘Dresses’ from the Collection of Diana, Princess of Wales’ auction, where over 79 designer gowns raised £2.57 million for charity.


Diana represented the Queen in events throughout the Commonwealth countries while serving as Princess of Wales, carrying out royal responsibilities on her behalf. The media praised her for taking a unique approach to her charitable efforts.


The auction took place on June 25, 1997 – just two months before she died in a car crash in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris, France. Limited edition, purple, Moroccan leather-bound catalogs were created for the auction, which soon became a collector’s item.


The 250 books were all signed and personally numbered by Princess Diana and she also inscribed that the ‘wonderful’ sale was inspired by Prince William.


“The inspiration for this wonderful sale comes from just one person… our son William,” wrote Princess Diana.


The number 104 catalog will be sold alongside an official invitation to the auction and other related papers, including the printed sale results. It’s expected to fetch £3,000 to £5,000. Elena Jackson, vintage fashion specialist at Ewbank Auctions, described the book as a ‘treasured keepsake’ that is in ‘excellent condition.’


“This is a wonderful reminder of what a caring person the late Princess of Wales was, and just how skilled she was at creating an event of this type for the benefit of the vulnerable,” said Princess Diana.


“This treasured keepsake of one of the final acts of charity that she brought to the world has been kept in excellent condition and is very rare indeed,” she added.


Luxury items from designers Louis Vuitton, Yves St Laurent and Hermès will also be going under the hammer on January 26. Designs by leading names in British fashion, including Ossie Clark, Zandra Rhodes, and Biba will also be up for sale.

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