Baker’s Surprise: George Clooney’s Birthday Cake Revealed

The cake Holly Tait baked for George Clooney. HOLLY TAIT/PROJECT CAKERY VIA SWNS. 
The cake Holly Tait baked for George Clooney. HOLLY TAIT/PROJECT CAKERY VIA SWNS. 

By Lauren Beavis

A young baker has revealed she made George Clooney’s birthday cake. Holly Tait, 22, was stunned when the famous actor’s PA ordered the sponge for his 61st do. She was told to go with her own creativity for the cake design – and even received a picture the next day saying it was “delicious.”


She was told she had to keep it secret but has now finally been able to reveal her famous customer after two years

Holly, who runs Project Cakery near Cirencester, Glos., was given the order in May 2022 for three large cakes – enough to feed 200.

The actor was in the UK directing The Boys in the Boat – based on the true story of the US rowing team that won gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Because Holly’s design featured a special emblem from the film she was unable to reveal her work until now – two years later.


The film is only coming out in cinemas this Monday.

Holly’s business specializes in ‘bespoke, stunning wedding & celebration cakes with GF & VG options’. She said: “I got a note from George’s PA – it was very subtle – which said they were filming in the area and it was their director’s birthday, it just needs to say ‘Happy Birthday George’ and should follow the theme of water and boating.


“It was short notice and a lot of pressure because I already had three weddings that weekend – I shouldn’t really have said yes and I didn’t even know it was for the George Clooney – but I worked extra hard to make it happen,” said Holly.

Holly, who especially designs every bakery order to suit each need of her customers, admits she had to make three 10inch cakes enough to feed 200 people on set. The young entrepreneur has been running her business making wedding and celebration cakes since the age of 18.


“I was told not to say anything until the movie came out,” said Holly. “From my point of view it was just another cake order – but it was picked up in a private taxi!

“It was a Victoria sponge, nothing fancy just a crowd pleaser.”

You can find out more about Holly’s wonderful bakes on her social media @projectcakery and website.


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