People Helping Each Other Inc. (PHEO) and Social Investment Holdings, Inc. (SIH), announce initial public offerings.

Deerfield Beach, Florida, May 15, 2018. Pastor Billy Thompson of Jesus People Proclaim International Ministries and Chairman of the advisory board for People Helping Each Other, Inc., announced an economic strategy that combines some of Marcus Garvey’s practices in an effort to build better and safer neighborhoods using free market principles. 


People Helping Each Other, Inc., a non-profit company will use some of its resources, as well as, resources from its for-profit company, Social Investment Holdings, Inc. (SIH) to provide funding through joint/ventures with existing and new companies. Social Investment Holdings, Inc. (SIH) is qualified by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. This strategy is an out of the box model that will foster development, support and expansion of businesses that are unable to borrow from banks, or otherwise access needed capital. The combination of a non-profit/for-profit strategy will give entrepreneurs with good ideas, but limited finances and businesses owned by Blacks without a succession plan nor financial resources the ability to implement their ideas and grow.

Through the relationships created by People Helping Each Other, (PHEO), with Social Investment Holdings, Inc. (SIH), small investors and investor groups can purchase stock in the holding company at $10 per share with a ten share/$100 minimum investment. This strategy enables small investors to combine their investments with the potential investments from large institutions, such as churches, insurance companies, pension funds, sororities, fraternities and others to build stronger communities and neighborhoods concurrent with building better race and community stability.

Pastor Thompson, formerly played for the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat and Hapoel Jerusalem Basketball Clubs. He is now pastor of a non-denominational church, Jesus People Proclaim International Ministries in Deerfield Beach, Fl.  He also chairs an alliance of like-minded individuals and organizations willing to unite for social change.

Thompson says, “The mission is to build better and safer neighborhoods using free market principles.” Beginning in South Florida, with a plan to expand nationally and internationally, Pastor Thompson is building economic coalitions and implementing strategies for building and funding company ownership by potentially hundreds, or even thousands of individuals and companies. The “Investing in Opportunity Act,” included in the recent tax bill passed in December last year, focuses on investing in distressed communities around the United States.  Pastor Thompson seeks to collaborate with the private sector and underserved communities to show by example, the benefits that can be derived from the faith-based community’s involvement in maximizing benefits to communities in need. Using the Opportunity Act and other self-help strategies, Pastor Thompson believes this strategy can benefit both the communities and investors.

Thompson intends to demonstrate the value of this self-help strategy for building better race and community relations, while concurrently keeping more financial resources in Black communities nationwide. “This initiative, can address many problems in many of our large cities where gentrification is occurring,” Thompson stated. One project of the company is a joint/venture with the Dunns-Josephine Hotel in Overtown, a historical area in the Black community, where Black entertainers who were performing on Miami Beach, slept, since they could not stay at hotels on Miami Beach in those days. While investment companies and non-Black individuals have purchased much of the real estate in Overtown, an area currently being gentrified, ownership in a joint/venture operating the Dunns-Josephine Hotel will allow Blacks to participate again, in a significant way, in Overtown.

The hotel operator, Sojourn Heritage Accommodations, is majority owned by Kristin Kitchen of Cincinnati, Ohio, who recently moved to south Florida.  Sojourn Heritage Brand, also owns and operates Six Acres Bed & Breakfast, a facility, once a stop on the Underground Railroad, run by Harriet Tubman.  Thompson stated, “The Black community now has a tool to promote and operate historical facilities and locations with historical significance to descendants of former slaves. Rosewood, a north Florida site of a massacre of Blacks in the early 1920’s by whites, is another facility targeted for a joint/venture with Kitchen and Dr. Marvin Dunn, a well-known Black historian.”

In keeping with their global theme, Thompson stated, “The Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa are a significant part of this initiative.  Many of the resources of countries in sub-Saharan Africa have been used, or committed to non-Black owned companies and individuals. According to an assessment done by the Central Intelligence Agency in their factbook, there are at least 23 trillion USD in resources still in the ground in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, one of the richest pieces of real estate in the world.”

While there is no guarantee that current trends will continue with the stock market, through this initiative, there is an opportunity for hundreds of thousands of members in sororities, fraternities, institutions and individuals, to support Black businesses and communities by investing as little as $100 dollars for ten shares of stock, or participate in this effort through donations at  Please see the offering circular located on our website, and go to the investor page. Once there, you can view detailed information and a video presentation. Follow the directions for getting involved while shares last.

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About Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey, traveled from Jamaica to the United States in 1916, bringing his printer and journalism trade skills with him.  He used those skills to promote Blacks helping themselves by pooling resources for the creation and expansion of businesses.  It was believed that Garvey understood the value of providing goods and services at competitive prices with a competitive edge for high quality.  Today, the principle is called, “free market.”  Garvey, in part, also believed there was a direct relationship between Blacks working together and building a wealth base in America, the Caribbean and Africa

Less than forty years after Garvey was deported through the efforts of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, his predecessor, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated his belief, “If all races joined hands, it would be beneficial to building a better world.”
Pastor Thompson believes this is still true today that through non-profit and for-profit cooperation, economic stability within communities of color in America and Africa can be realized for a better tomorrow for all of society.

Pastor Billy Thompson Jesus People Proclaim International Ministries and Chairman of the advisory board of People Helping Each Other, Inc.

Pastor Billy Thompson
Jesus People Proclaim International Ministries and
Chairman of the advisory board of People Helping Each Other, Inc.

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