Icy L. Williams, President & CEO of ATMOS360, Inc.

Icy L. Williams, President &CEO of ATMOS360, Inc.

Icy Williams, retired Procter and Gamble Supplier Diversity executive and business entrepreneur is now part of an elite group of minority and woman owned small businesses across Ohio who owns and operates an engineering and equipment manufacturer specializing in Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Air Systems Solutions.

Atmos360 provides turnkey project solutions for a broad spectrum of industrial clients by offering design build air systems solutions equipment of customers/clients on a global basic.  Our core area of expertise is dust control and has been recognized as a dust control technology leader particularly in the area of containment at the source.  Our 25 years of experience has proven that containment at the source is the most efficient and cost effective way of eliminating dust from the source.  Due to the expertise, experience and product continuous improvement, Atmos360’s design build equipment has been adopted as the industry standard in many manufacturing processes.

Coupling her strong belief in embracing your passion, power and possibilities has led her to take her vision and leadership skills to new heights by acquiring ATMOS360, INC, (previously PAK/TEEM, INC,) an organization with a strong blend of engineering, design and manufacturer of air systems solutions equipment used to contain, capture, convey and collect dust generated by consumer product manufacturers.

Icy and Clarence (Husband), a former NFL player turned entrepreneur, acquired the 23-year-old
PAK/TEEM from its founders mid November 2013. They wanted to put their retirement savings to work and
purchased the company to build a legacy for their children and grandchildren.

“We are a nation of many colors and as African Americans we do a lot of purchasing and consuming products but “how many products do we own or “how many manufactured products do we make?” said Icy.

As president of ATMOS360, establishing strategies, goals and measures to grow the company’s customer base to increase sales and revenue for growth is a key business strategy on our 5 year business plan.

Our country and the rest of world will continue its growth of economic development and inclusion and people of color will be extremely critical to this growth explosion. Additionally, Industry trends indicate that manufactured products and equipment are returning to our shores and will be a major force for job creation over the next 10-15 years.

ATMOS360 is poised with the right leadership team experience to be on the leading edge and prepared to deliver our vision of being known globally as the single source solution provider of Air systems Solutions engineered equipment to make our customers facilities air quality cleaner, safer and healthier.

“Now is the time to expand the company’s reach to new and different markets, through promoting our Mission, Vision & Strategies.”

Atmos360 is looking to double their revenue over the next five years. As ambitious as that sounds, they
believe it can be done. “We have the foundation, the skills and capabilities and now the facility space to accommodate the growth,” said Icy.

ATMOS360 has been certified as a minority and woman-owned business since January 2014 and look to broaden the relationship with current customers and use the certifications to open up new relationship with new business customers. These certifications will help to “get your foot in the door of a company to take a look, but then Atmos360 has to bring the skills and capabilities that matches with their customers supply chain needs (The Procter & Gamble Company, Kellogg Co., Post Foods, Monsanto Company , The Kroger Company  and etc.).  Being a Supplier Diversity Leader for P&G, she looks at the certifications as an added tool in her tool box when approaching companies.

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Strategy Development & Deployment S

1.    Increased Revenue Growth – Double Growth in 5 Years
a.    Sales and marketing strategies
i.    Branding/Renaming
ii.    Customer growth and Diversification
2.    Organizational Excellence –Double Growth in 5 Years
a.    Leadership Team Development
b.    Supply Chain Strategy Development, Deployment and Implementation
c.    Improved Communication Processes

A native of Fairfield, Texas, Icy is a graduate of Prairie View A&M University in Prairie View, Texas with a BS in Business Education.

Before joining P&G, Icy was a teacher in Texas and Wisconsin Public Schools, worked as a Production Supervisor for Schreiber Food, Inc. and as Real Estate Broker in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

After retiring from P&G in May 2010, Icy was Co-Owner of ACF Enterprises LLC from July 2010-November 2013.  ACF provided small and large business sustainability training, skill development and certification.  Additional efforts included integrating sustainability principles and practices in the applied sciences and technology curriculum of Universities, Community Colleges and Technical Colleges both locally and globally.

In summary,
Icy’s focus is on implementing the Atmos360 Business Strategy Development and Deployment Strategy plan which includes, improving sales and revenues and building upon the current skills and capabilities that matches or exceed our customers supply chain strategy needs. As stated, ATMOS360 improvement in sales growth and continuous improvements in day to day business processes and systems will provide the opportunity to create new job opportunities and support economic development in my local community.


ATMOS360’s Engineered and Manufactured Products
Air Systems Solutions Products; web filters, slotted hoods, diverters, slide gates, drum filters, circle and auto vee pre separators, blast gates, overhead oscillating fans, bag collectors, sheet cleaners, media filters, etc