Delta Decisions of DC, LLC

Shree W. Taylor, Ph.D. President & CEO

Founded in 2006, Delta Decisions of DC, LLC (Delta Decisions) is an analytics firm known for our exemplary talent, optimal solutions and our ability to enable business transformation.  We collect, analyze and translate client data into meaningful information and valuable insights that support confident leadership planning and decision-making. Dr. Shree W. Taylor, President and CEO, leads the team of elite analysts by acting with integrity, delivering quality and demonstrating accountability at all times.  These core values are the foundation for all we do.

Dr. Taylor is a computational mathematician with degrees from Clark Atlanta University (BS/MS) and North Carolina State University (PhD). Her unique interdisciplinary training allows her the ability to collaborate effectively with professionals from fields other than mathematics, while still being an insightful and independent researcher.

Dr. Taylor has worked in the biomedical field as a research scientist at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS/NIH) in Research Triangle Park, NC. While there, she developed complex mathematical and statistical models in the areas of cancer and pharmacokinetic research. During her time at NIEHS, she interacted primarily with biologists and other life scientists to develop realistic biological models. This interaction challenged Dr. Taylor to constantly translate highly technical results to non-mathematical audiences at biomedical conferences. Dr. Taylor also spent time as a guest researcher at The German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, Germany.

Dr. Taylor has also worked in the field of national defense as a research analyst at the Center for Naval Analyses in Alexandria, VA. Her time there was spent on projects of interest to the Nation’s Defense and the interoperability of our military forces. Dr. Taylor designed methodologies for the data collection and development of mathematical models used in analyses, conducted on-site client interviews, and contributed to presentations delivered to top-ranking Navy officials.

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As Co-founder and Managing Partner of Delta Decisions, Dr. Taylor formulates creative and innovative solutions to address the client’s needs.  She has a unique way of listening to clients and extracting critical information that is used to create a logical and systematic plan of attack. Dr. Taylor has the ability to learn new concepts quickly and creatively leverage various resources to complete tasks with integrity and accuracy.  She has inspired and led many Delta Decisions project teams and delivered high quality products on time and within budget. Dr. Taylor leads by example and insists on employees producing high quality deliverables at all times. Her no-nonsense attitude sets the tone for professional pride in all employees while emphasizing accountability and integrity.
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