In 2002, African American-owned businesses accounted for 1.2 million of the US’s 23 million businesses. That number increased to 1.9 million in 2007 with the latest US Census data in 2015 reporting the number of black firms growing to 2.6 million a 116% increase. So who are these firms? Where are they located? How can government agencies, large corporations and other businesses identify these firms in effort to do business?

The US Black Chambers, Inc. (USBC) works diligently to identify financial resources and contracting opportunities that assist in your growth and development. In support of our Five Pillars, we are embarking on a series of Black Business Research Reports that provide monetary supporters, in real time, pertinent analytical data that addresses your immediate needs as identified by you in the areas of contracting, access to capital and business advocacy. Many times the information presented by the US Census Bureau, U.S. Small Business Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce and others are years behind in reporting data collection analysis about key characteristics of Black-owned businesses. We want current and potential private/public sector entities to receive current information about your needs, challenges and opportunities that hinder or enable your revenue growth.  
On a quarterly basis (at maximum), you will receive a survey from USBC requesting industry expertise, contracting tiers, capital needs and other relevant data, to be gathered as part of a collective for the purposes of providing real-time points that highlight new findings, opportunities, and analytical sources that:
1) expand supplier diversity initiatives
2) identify new trends that engage directly with Black businesses
3) pinpoint strategic joint ventures; and
4) provide financial education information across various topics in webinars, workshops and educational resources. 
We ask that you complete the survey(s) as quickly as possible so that we may analyze the data and prepare reports to share with your chambers, private corporations and public sector agencies.
USBC continues to identify and expand ways to open doors to our businesses to provide a brighter economic future to you, your employees, your families and your communities. Thank you in advance for your continued assistance and support.
We are looking for 500 firms to complete this short 12 question survey right now so we can analyze and prepare a report for our members next week.
 This survey seeks to identify the general characteristics of our chamber and membership base to include, but not limited to, industry type, revenue size, number of employees, current contract types, current financing, etc. to enable us to begin to identify trends, tier sizes for contracting and business needs as stated by you. Please complete and submit as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please email