A Success Story…with Chapters still to be written!

Roland L. Jones, Director- Office of Central Services, Prince George’s County, Maryland, is in part the by-product of an empowering leader. However, the whole of Mr. Jones is very much a manifestation of his vast array of unique personal and professional experiences! Recently appointed as Chairman of the Board of the Capital Region Minority Supplier Development Council, Mr. Jones possesses an unprecedented and especially fitting set of credentials in the area of procurement and supplier diversity that will enable him to lead the council to newfound relevance and deliver tremendous impact!

The National Minority Supplier Development Council is a membership organization first established in Chicago (1972) for purpose of creating an environment that fosters economic development rights and serving as a conduit between Minority Business Enterprises (MBE’s) and corporate America.  

Sitting across his desk speaking with Mr. Jones on a festive New Year’s Eve… It became abundantly obvious to me that his profound focus and commitment to the administration’s Mission of maximizing every opportunity to “utilize the skills and abilities to put in place the type of strategies that will lead the county for the next 50 years.”

Jones Roland_8-17-2012

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