JASINT Consulting and Technologies, LLC

Rodney C. Williams Sr. is the Founder President & CEO of JASINT Consulting and Technologies, LLC. JASINT Consulting and Technologies (JASINT) is a minority-owned, Service Disabled Veteran owned small business.  JASINT is a certified 8a firm by the Small Business Administration and also a certified SDVOSB firm by the U.S.
Department of Veterans Affairs.  JASINT provides Information Technology solutions to clients in the Federal, State & Local Government and Commercial marketplaces. Their core competencies include but are not limited to: Cybersecurity Engineering; Systems Engineering;
Virtualization/Cloud Computing; Network Architecture and Engineering; and Assured Information sharing and data protection.

Headquartered in Glen Burnie, Maryland, JASINT has expanded and enhanced its product offerings and positioned itself for sustained growth and profitability in the opportunity-rich Cyber Security, Business Intelligence and Cloud Computing Engineering marketplace. JASINT has 25 full-time employees and two (2) part-time employees. JASINT employees’ support projects in Maryland, Texas and Florida, and 95% of staff hold a minimum of Secret clearance and more than 70% hold Top Secret/Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI). Since 2007, JASINT has made significant infrastructure investments to allow for future scalability. These investments include:Top Secret Cleared Facility (HQs); DCAA-compliant accounting system;
And Cloud-based operational infrastructure.

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JASINT boosts a myriad of past performance successes that include technical engineering support to netcentric mission initiatives of our nations warfighters, software engineering and development in support of airborne reconnaissance and mapping initiatives, development of Executive Dashboards for Key Decision Makers within the DOD and development of state of the art network architecture best practices.  JASINT has developed work processes and procedures along CMMI and ISO-9001 guidelines, and have applied them to program management and systems engineering tasks.

Mr. Williams believes that one of our most difficult tasks thus far has been moving the firm from a person-based form of operations to the integration of enterprise processes and procedures in support of our firm’s infrastructure.  Another equally difficult task was to develop, solidify and integrate a consistent, timely and repetitive decision-making process that would work despite company executives being spread out working various critical tasks. This process has helped avoid lost business, missed deadlines, unsuccessful product or service deliveries and lost revenue.

Mr. Williams is a strong proponent of the use of key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure our growth.  Sometimes, success is defined in terms of making progress toward strategic goals, but often, success can simply be the repeated achievement of some level of operational goal.  Accordingly, in order to choose the right KPIs, Mr. Williams believes that you must have a good understanding of what is important to the organization.  JASINT currently communicates the company’s growth trajectory and other company news to the employees through the informal use of newsletters, email blasts to the employees and email announcements. Mr. Williams shares these thoughts about leading with humility:

“In my opinion, a great leader is defined by qualities like integrity, compassion, commitment and discipline.  A great leader will be bold enough to stand up for what is right and when they are right, but also humble enough to admit when they are wrong.  A great leader will also understand and respect the value of the people whom they have been entrusted to lead.  A great leader will put the needs of their subordinates before their own.  A great leader will show the greatness of their leadership and will not have to announce it.  I am a work in progress.  I hope to continue developing into the great leader I wish to be some day”.

SMART HIRES:  The single most important growth decision I have made as a CEO would be the decision to put together the executive team.  By putting together this team, we have been able to divide and conquer many of our most pressing goals and company initiatives.

WHAT NEXT for JASINT? Mr. Williams is very excited about the future of the company.  JASINT has been recently selected for the DOD Mentor – Protégé program through the National Geospatial Agency (NGA) and the Small business office led by Sandra Broadnax. The DoD Mentor-Protégé Program assists small businesses (protégés) successfully compete for prime contract and subcontract awards by partnering with large companies (mentors) under individual, project-based agreements.
Traditionally, these partnerships have delivered a variety of products and services specialized in: environmental remediation, engineering services, information technology, manufacturing, telecommunications, and health care. Recently, new Mentor-Protégé agreements have focused on corrosion engineering, information assurance, robotics, circuit board and metal component manufacturing. JASINT intends for the Mentor-Protégé agreement that was established with Enlightened Consulting to focus on new technology areas such as device encryption, insider threat initiatives and enhanced security assurance.

“We at JASINT are so thrilled about the opportunity to be mentored by such a great firm as Enlightened Consulting! In addition we are equally thrilled to be a part of the NGA’s DOD Mentor-Protégé program! That program is one of the best in the Federal government and is second to none! We hope to benefit from the leadership of Mrs. Broadnax and her staff! We know that the best is yet to come!”